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Profile image for literally literally

what happens if we do @takahe

@wakest @takiverse longer threads would be great

@silverpill testing replying

Trying again

Cool, local only posts!!

Is this a hand-rolled QT?

does this work? testing testing @weekinfediverse

@liaizon I picked a great time to filter+drop a bunch of buuurdsite related phrases.

Emoji takahe Emoji takahe Emoji takahe Emoji takahe Emoji takahe

what about :ganfriends:

what happens if I do :flan_cheer:

Emoji takahe does the emojo work?

@takiverse third reply

@takiverse I can see it - replying from sengi

Well I can’t search for this post

@liaizon what happened

Ok threads aren’t a thing yet

First reply (web)

Maybe threads will work (web)

@takiverse @literally replying from Metatext!

I’m a poll

Testing threading on Metatext

@literally @takiverse the threads are weird, they’re only 2 toots long

@literally @takiverse I’m replying via Metatext! Yay

@takiverse seems it didn’t work