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Fascinating to watch these bigger Mastodon instances collapse and shut down.

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It was a good episode of @Popehat 's Serious Trouble podcast this week.

I laughed out loud at the latest incarnation of the running gag of "Do not talk about the crime you're accused of committing on X".

We've learned not to talk about it on Twitter and Substack. But this week is a real gem.

I haven't been a listener long enough to know whether we've already learned not to talk about your alleged-criming on a podcast, YouTube, or in your book.

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[Teen Vogue] Organizers are Fighting Ron DeSantis's Educational Bans with Free Books
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This is a Friendica group dedicated to news. What are the advantages of a group over a hashtag?

Groups can do things that hashtags can't. For example, groups:

* are moderated
* can re-share content
* can speak as a group

Joining and contributing to a Friendica group is easy. To share your posts to @fediversenews, follow these steps:

1. Follow @fediversenews
2. When sharing Fediverse news, tag @fediversenews
3. The @fediversenews group will then re-share your post

This is an actively moderated group. Be sure to stay on topic, or your posts will be removed.

Remember, you don't even need to be a Friendica user to join @fediversenews. Because Friendica is part of the Fediverse, this group is available to everyone -- including people who use Mastodon!
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“We deeply regret not immediately denouncing the Florida Department of Education’s slander, magnified by the DeSantis administration’s subsequent comments."

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The Smyrna Public Library just got a copy of "Cooperatives at Work" by @SocialCoop's very own @emi and @Matt_Noyes (et al.)!

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gotta hand it to elon he's done more to help people get over their twitter addictions than anyone

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This Week On Serious Trouble: Elon Musk and what juries are like, SBF and what clients are like (and what bankruptcy trustees are like), George Santos and his marriage to Morgan Fairchild, Eastman and Girardi and what the California State Bar is like.

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“This is just wild,” said Leon Derczynski, a professor of computer science at the IT University of Copenhagen, who specializes in online harm. “Objectification of women seems deeply embedded in the system.”

Is it wild, CS Prof. Leon Derczynski? Really??

My local feed hasn’t update in a real long time on Metatext

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“At press time, ChatGPT had resigned itself to diffusing art on the side, at least until it had paid off its student loans.”

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10yo: papa, what's the probability that, out of 15 Among Us players, me and my two friends are selected as imposters?

Me: let me tell you about the beautiful world of combinations and permutations. Are the imposters different from one another?

Math nerd for life.

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NEW MASTODON USERS: Do not worry about which instance you first join, after a short initial period the Sorting Hat determines which instance each new user belongs most to.

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Dear Thomas,
unfortunately, your iOS app IceCubes does not work with the Fediverse software Takahē , which I find very unfortunate. Maybe you can fix it so that I can put my toots here too :)

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In my opinion, ChatGPT really exposes the edifice of centering college around tests instead of instruction. This ignores what they should be measuring and how the world actually works, which is vibes.

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If you enjoy interacting with people who have strong opinions and minimal real life experiences, may I recommend teenagers.

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Error: Your password must contain at least two characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.

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“Slack in development teams leaves room for sickness, for onboarding, for helping other teams. It leaves room for checking production to see whether the feature we released last week had any unexpected effects. It lets us do our best work. Resilience comes with healthier systems and healthier people.”

Great Sunday read by @jessitron

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Adding alt text to your photos is important, it improves accessibility.

That's why we added an opt-in feature you can enable to force you to add alt text before you post, now available on our web UI and official

▶️ Navigate to Settings then Media to enable this

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My column about apps on Mastodon appears in print today. From what I'm told, it did very well on the web after publishing on Friday. It got MANY boosts and Favorites here on Mastodon, so I assume that's where a lot of traffic came from. It'll be very interesting to see what kind of print-reader feedback I get via email.

This is a gift link to the story, so it should get at least some of you past the paywall if you don't have a subscription. If not, use


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Verification, check. Time for our :

Founded by @dave and @roustem in 2005, we’re now a team of 800+ who share the same vision: to make the online world a safer place for everyone. Our culture values simplicity, honesty and a human-centric approach to solving problems.

We have a small gang hanging out on Mastodon and we’d love to get to know our new community. Share your own with us and what brought you to . 👋😊Emoji 1password

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There is one wolf inside you.

Please contact Sales if you need to add additional wolves to your service plan.

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Just released version 74! Hope you all enjoy it!! 🥰

- Timelines can be pinned and rearranged
- Support local-only posts
- Indicator for missing alt texts
- Improved alt text editor
- Header in timeline for followed hashtags
- More notification categories
- Add back file opener
- Prompt when saving edited draft
- Option to disable “See new posts” button

[Edited to update release info]

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A lot of kids in the ’80s and ’90s owe a lot to this drawing.