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Test account for Takahe. Themed after the show that lives in my head.

The internet is my home.

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I have some domains I need to get out of Google Domains, do we like Porkbun?

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there's a buggy pre-release. the bugs are certainly there, but if you don't mind the occasional bug (and maybe losing your settings. let me know if that happens please), feel free to try it:

otherwise, maybe better keep waiting for a more polished experience. don't ask me when

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I'm very intrigued by this monitor, but why is the IPS panel so awful?

Eagerly awaiting the "follow hashtags" feature for takahe. I see it sitting there in the main branch. My soul craves it.

I created a recursive kafka message and I am most pleased with myself.

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寺門で狛犬になりきる不動の猫。A steadfast cat that fully embodies a lion-dog statue in a temple gate.

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So, if you didn't know, I released a follow-up on Connextras where I expressed my concerns about rooftop solar and how it's tricky to make that fair:

I'm getting a lot of people seemingly arguing with me while agreeing with me, and I can't quite figure this out.

My point was basically that "this is really complicated and I'm not confident we're doing this right or, honestly, can do it equitably at all" and some folks are pushing back at this by saying the system's bad.

AWS documentation about IAM perms is a travesty.

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My YouTube homepage is full of cringe "How I Make $43452334/hour with ChatGPT" videos and idk how to get rid of them

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"What are you doing this week?"

I don't know; I've run out of easy things on my to-do list.

Maybe we should just stop with the GPT models. The internet is enough of a hellscape already.

Fascinating to watch these bigger Mastodon instances collapse and shut down.

I was so bored last night that I wrote unit tests before bed. I have woken up absolutely disgusted at myself for even touching pytest at all. Filthy.

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When Tesla does stuff like Mahmood outlines here... well honestly that's my biggest beef.

They are arguing some truly wild things. I'd encourage you to check it out.

Takahe local feed is always so quiet, what are you interesting people up to today!?

I've been putting a lot of thought into this recently, but it feels as if the longer tech has matured, the more inconvenient our lives have overall become. It's possible that the age of silicon was a huge mistake.

Does every hobbyist subculture eventually morph into a bunch of toxic glass cannon bros?