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Pink modification of the official Mastodon app for Android, adding a bunch of features people miss in the official app ✨


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Megalodon is quite experimental – if you're looking for a more reliable and mature app, check out And for Megalodon + more features, take a look at!

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@ajsilu the official app actually added support for the markers api a while ago, which can save the "last read post" position (for home and notifications). so that sparked up some hope that the official app would also support restoring the position soon, but it just never happened

@ajsilu you know, this is something people have been asking for for months, and i have no idea how to even go about this. android development is a confusing mess and google isn't of much help, most of the time

@ajsilu i wish this would just either implement itself, or the upstream app's dev would implement it…

okay, alright, another try! pre-release version 81 is out now!

Edited 6h ago

@IzzyOnDroid @experiencersinternational yep, long time ago, sorry! just the day i made an account on and was told i couldn't keep "mastodos" (and the recolored mastodon logo) because copyright :')
thanks for fixing!

@experiencersinternational ooh! i think this is something @IzzyOnDroid would have to change manually if i'm not mistaken?

@experiencersinternational can't open my profile right now, will take a look at it tomorrow :') (you do mean on my profile, right?)

@experiencersinternational oh, same, lol. oops

@experiencersinternational ahh wait no i see. didn't reset the data for me, but it very much crashed

@experiencersinternational wait how exactly?
can you capture a crash log by any chance?

@edendestroyer @Suzie97 well i am planning to add filters to the notifications view, similar to how tusky does it… at some point :')

aaand another pre-release!

edit: nevermind!! too broken :')

Edited 21h ago

the timeline layout jumping (as in, something probably changes size off-screen) unexpectedly is my worst nightmare

@privateger i wish

Edited 1d ago

@marcin (i could, in theory, use the @-mention from the text, but the fact that a user is mentioned at the beginning of a reply doesn't necessarily mean that the reply is to a post by that user)

@marcin it's because all megalodon knows about the account at this point is the account ID. the data that's sent to megalodon through the home timeline API contains only the account details (username, display name) of the reply's author, so megalodon (as well as the official app) has a list of "known accounts" that's populated while scrolling through the timeline. if schrotie hasn't appeared in the timeline before, their name isn't displayed

android development is absolute hell. what the fuck is a MeasureSpec

Edited 2d ago

@lexd0g yep, i guess so

@moshidon it didn't tho - i initially added the ❗ symbol in (and had to basically re-implement it when merging the media grid display item)

@moshidon i guess this should be fixed by @FineFindus' PR:

@moshidon do you mean me by upstream? because i didn't do that, and upstream upstream hasn't ever even had that 🤔

@druid i kind of actually love that i see crash logs using the play console, but there's just.. too much.. ^^'

@bergmeister thanks, cheers! :)

ahh, crap, at least 2 bugs it is then (this occured when switching back to megalodon after a while)

@TDonoval @toxy the difference is that "delete and re-draft" deletes your post including all the favs, boosts and replies your posts might have received, and posts it anew. edit lets you keep all interactions; the changes are being logged in the edit history