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Worker/artist owned cooperative — with distribution, to tell their own stories. Images below.

1. Workers, writers, and artists start a cooperative production company

2. They license/option existing stories to the company (which they own together!) and put stories on a website where audiences can access them

3. Stories can be scripts, treatments, readings, storyboards — it's great material in those formats, and people will dive into those stories just the same

4. Share the website (distribution!) with followings, along with a way to subscribe

5. You now have a worker/writer/artist owned cooperative, with distribution, stories, and an audience!

More details in the images below, made as a guide/resource to be helpful.

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This, from @Pwnallthethings , is a very interesting take. Not something I've considered before.

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If you work in tech and lead a team of more than 20 people, consider looking at this:

* Note the *self-identified* gender for folks in your team. Don't assume, and don't ask people. If you don't have it, write "not provided."
* Open your calendar. Export all of your meetings for the past 6 months. Open in your favorite spreadsheet.
* Delete all rows that are Diversity and Inclusion related.

What % of your team is women?
What % of your meeting attendees are women?

No right or wrong answer👍🏿

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I love the subtle pushback against racism and stereotyping that happens in Mark Rober videos. I wish more SF tech people were a little more like him. ♥️👍🏿

Plus, this Zipline drone delivery is pretty cool. I'm still sad that over the past 10 years, we put so much more time + effort + resources into trying to put monkey jpegs into people's 401ks, than into technology like this.

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I see the liberals are trying to catch nazis in logical fallacies again as some way to triumph over them. Unfortunately, while it might feel good to go "ha! they can't even define what woke actually means!" the thing is that it doesn't matter to them

The right doesn't care if it lacks definitions or if it's hypocritical or even contradictory. "Woke" is just their dog whistle for "people we want to exterminate" that they can say without being perceived as "not being rude", something the liberal establishment seems to care more about than the underlying sentiment

Saying "you can't even define woke" is about as effective as saying "the president is not named Brandon". It doesn't matter. The important thing is that "let's go Brandon" gives them social cover that "fuck the president" doesn't

Stop asking nazis to define woke and start telling them that you know they want to commit genocide and you'll fight them

Your insipid word games aren't going to beat fascism

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FIU "Banned Majors" Flyers + Walkout
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“The people who blame wokeness for the collapse of a bank do not want you to understand or even think about the political economy of banking in the United States. They want to deflect your attention from the real questions toward a manufactured cultural conflict. And the reason they want to do this is to obscure the extent to which they are complicit in — or responsible for — creating an environment in which banks collapse for lack of appropriate regulation.”

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nvidia: we are very concerned that if you don’t add 2fa to this account we forced you to make, criminals might download these free drivers without giving us accurate marketing demographic details

your bank: sorry, what? you want two tractors?

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DeSantis is punishing the Hyatt Regency Miami for hosting a Drag Christmas ball back in December. He’s actually taken away its liquor license.

DeSantis is out of control, obsessed with oppressing freedom and gender identity expression and willing to abuse state power to do it.

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Conservatives: This shouting down of speakers is outrageous and a violation of free speech norms!

Me: Yes!

Conservatives: That’s exactly why we have to ban all DEI!

Me: Ye…wait what

Conservatives: This will continue to happen until the schools are purged of the wrongthinkers by a holy cleansing fire!

Me: I always forget what you guys are like

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Dear friends: i left the bird place for REASONS and do not require you to send me the stupid things angry people are saying about my writing there.

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The Silicon Valley elite did a bank run on their own bank, then spent the weekend warning there’d be hell to pay if regulators didn’t step in to cover their deposits.

For Disconnect, I argue this should be a radicalizing moment that shows why we must dismantle Silicon Valley if we ever hope to develop technology that really builds a better world instead of steering us in the opposite direction.

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Literally a Blue Cup finished reading "The fifth sacred thing"

hello testing

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Trends popping up and fading away at an exponential rate. Each second your connection to the zeitgeist weakens. Glowing esoteric teens pelt you with insults and objects you can not parse.

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All the district’s officials would be appointed instead of elected, thus ensuring Jackson’s majority-Black citizenry would have no voting rights on the matter.

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Regarding Efforts By You, An Inferior Person, To Cancel Me, A Genius

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Wait a minute, are there spam bots on Mastodon now?!?!

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What do I do for a living? Like many of you, my primary occupation is entering passwords and two-factor codes into a variety of apps and websites all day long.

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rated The Light Brigade: 5 stars
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Recently, protocol has started to gain traction, apparently because a former Twitter CEO started promoting it.

In this post I want to compare it with because some people think Nostr is superior.


- Censhorship resistance. If one relay prevents you from communicating with your friend, you can easily add another one.
- Identity is not attached to a particular server.

While these things are good and important, there's nothing in ActivityPub spec that prevents developers from implementing them. Nostr proponents are lying about that, even on their official website. Chatternet project clearly demonstrates that you can use DIDs with ActivityPub. It can't connect to existing Fediverse platforms but I'm implementing similar solutions in Mitra in a way that preserves backwards compatibility as much as possible.


I won't talk about the problems that can be solved, because obviously Nostr ecosystem is very young. But in my opinion it has three fundamental flaws:

- Clients can hide important protocol details from the user. Choosing relays and managing private keys is burdensome, so clients that don't force user to think about this will be more popular. As a result, people flock to sites like and this will lead to extreme centralization. This happened to all other web3 social platforms, and we can already see this happening to Nostr.
- Nostr was created by bitcoin cultists and they have complete control over the NIP process. If you want to use any other currency there's always a risk that your proposals will be censored. And tying entire ecosystem to a single non-fungible coin is generally a bad idea.
- Nostr is not based on web standards. This means it won't benefit from the adoption of emerging standards like DIDs and verifiable credentials. Reinvention of the wheel leads to unnecessary fragmentation and harms everyone.

So I see no reason to build anything on Nostr. Also, despite the hype I doubt that it will ever become more popular than Fediverse because ordinary people and organizations don't care about "censorship resistance" and "zaps". For them Fediverse is good enough.

running into an issue boosting and favoriting from @MonaApp while logged in to a account. Not high priority since the first version against core Mastodon hasn't been finished, but FYI!

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Trying out with @MonaApp