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Profile image for Aurynn Shaw Aurynn Shaw

Your friendly neighbourhood Cloud Island administrator.

Aotearoa New Zealand immigrant.

Pōneke resident.

Founder of Does DevOps, culture, and tells you how security impacts everything you design.

Yes, I'm that Aurynn:

Tech culture commentator.

Your cutest cyberpunk trans pocket friend.

Moth girl. Occasional voidkin.

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gender dysphoria


- Trending (in progress)
- Coffee (50% complete)
- Anxiety (accelerating)

Good morning, Cloud Island!

trans stuff
trans stuff

Given that seems to be having some Issues right now, going to drop a limit on them so that follow spam stops being an issue.

@where_the_rider I vote more coffee


- Trending (in progress)
- Coffee (50% complete)
- Trying to not have another dysphoria-fuelled emotional meltdown (in progress)
- idk past that

Good morning, Cloud Island! #AtaMārie

@WellingtonChineseHistory do it! Push the button!

@WellingtonChineseHistory Oooo you got this!

@WellingtonChineseHistory Which thing was that?

@rho mew

@ambientspace thank you. Trying to get back to functional

@vyr awww so good

@davidgarywood this is a lovely kitty

So today was a huge pile of dysphoria and non functionality as a result. Not having a good time of things lately.

today has fucking sucked ass so that's how my day has been

@carl_klitscher @davemosk @donkey @Robsonde @openpolicynz I would like to not be frozen out, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on local-cloud tech for running Mastodons

gender dysphoria
gender dysphoria
gender dysphoria