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envClock 1.2 (Amiga) - Env-var clock for WB titlebar

BP Homecharge HA 0.0.1 (HACS) - BP Chargevision integration for Home Assistant

NetSurf (OS3 BETA) 3.11 (AmigaOS) - Fast CSS capable web browser (OS3 BETA)

NetSurf 3.11 (AmigaOS4) - Fast CSS capable web browser

Avalanche 2.4 (Amiga) - ReAction GUI for xfd/xadmaster.library

Purple Bunny's Quest (Spectrum) - An arcade adventure with bunnies (prototype)

zmakebas 1.8.5 (Amiga) - Create Spectrum/ZX81 .TAP/.P from BASIC text file

Avalanche 2.3 (Amiga) - ReAction GUI for xfd/xadmaster.library

I've released an update to , my little ReAction-based unarchiver for

Avalanche 2.2 (Amiga) - ReAction GUI for xfd/xadmaster.library

Mr. Wolf 2.2 (AmigaOS4) - Small SNTP time synchronisation commodity

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@unsatisfactory_software This isn't on yet, but you can download from GitHub here:

Avalanche 1.11 (Amiga) - ReAction GUI for xfd/xadmaster.library

@admin Looks good, thanks!

@admin Yes, looks that way.

@admin When posts with hashtags reach it must be converting them into URLs as I'm seeing a preview! This is viewed from a Mastodon account in . It was posted by a Takahe account also using Tusky.

@admin On the website it's correct, so must be sending HTML back to ?

@admin ... And also missed the .uk off the link text.

@admin I tried putting a URL into the metadata section of my profile using and it converted it into HTML.