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Rescuing princesses since tea-time, if I can work out which button to press.

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@llamasoft_ox 🐑😢

@welshpixie I did this once with my (messy) handwriting. It took ages and I can't even find the font, so not sure what happened to it (this was about thirty years ago, mind).

@gunstick @AtariSTMusic Will look into it.

@tehstu @vim +1 for AntennaPod - they're on Mastodon too at @AntennaPod

@ramokromok Either that or the A600.

@hollerpots @kamin Still there in Windows 10, would be surprised if Windows 11 got rid of them.

@yawning_angel Such a good game, one of my faves.

@bornach @deKay @Dtl Did they know that was what he was trying to do though?

I had a colleague who tried to imitate the million pixels thing, he set up a website and showed me (to which I probably mumbled something incoherent). I don't think he sold any pixels as I never heard any more about it.

Roundup Week 11: Ditching Discord + Lost and The Winchesters
Roundup Week 11: Ditching Discord + Lost and The Winchesters

@deKay @Dtl I wonder who the idiots are he traded with, as most of those trades are terrible for the other party.

@k Don't think I paid more than fifteen for it (new)!

Edited 7d ago

@k This is interesting, I have that...
*moves it to a locked safe*

@root42 That's the one I have (except for the Plus/4). It seems to work well, the maker believes it's highly compatible (and it's certainly better than the cheap ones which need a replacement kernel). Have you found any problems with it yet?

@living8bit I'm currently redesigning space potatoes!

Redesigned Space Potato is my new band name.

@mxtthxw Positive outcome at least, although it shouldn't have come to that!

@mxtthxw If that's how the algorithm works, they need a new algorithm. Surely you can't match music based on a single synth sound?

"man toilet"

Wait, what? -fonts

@nGFX *bunnies skip*


Unfortunately because I was posting this it timed out so I didn't actually get to train the AI to recognise bunnies.

@electricdragon @AYMusic I believe it's technically mono, but most emulators assign the channels to make it stereo. I'm not entirely sure what a real Spectrum does. Maybe @gasman can help?

I see Channel 5 are bringing back Challenge Anneka. I'll just throw this old thing in here (possibly very broken and outdated, offensive, etc - I haven't checked):