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Profile image for wakest's takahē account

wakest's takahē account

testing out the features

53 Posts Posts & Replies 36 Following 23 Followers Search

wait this account is still working?

a little test to see if things are working

this thing still work?!

first post from Mammoth app

test from with

I filed an @elk bug about compatibility with @takahe and then @shuuji3 saw my bug and figured out what was causing it and explained in a new issue on the tahahē repo and @andrew then had to rewrite the entire HTML parser! Opens source is pretty amazing sometimes.

fresh test post from @elk with an emoji: Emoji takahe

I made cute avatars for my Takahē (@takiverse) and GoToSocial (@liaizon@ⴰⵣⵓⵍ test accounts!

my new takahē test account logo is CUTE!

test post from Elk canary!

Profile editing works in now 🎉

eee testing from Toot!

lol ivory supports takahe but not akkoma

first test from @ivory!

testing a mention to shuttlecraft @dirt

punycode domain test
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I can search myself on and attempted to follow but it only says requested doesn't appear on either side. Clicked Follow on here and on there and no dice

test post mentioning bonfire user @wakest

The Verge is here:
Adi Robertson: @thedextriarchy
T.C. Sottek: @wizard
Barbara Krasnoff: @barbk
Richard Lawler: @rjcc
Dan Seifert: @dcseifert
Monica Chin: @monicawchin
Antonio G. Di Benedetto: @SuperAntonio64
Jon Porter: @jonporty
Jay Peters: @jaypeters
Elizabeth Lopatto: @lopatto
Jess Weatherbed: @ZombieWretch
Alex Heath: @alexeheath
Sean Hollister: @seanhollister
Chris Grant: @chrisgrant
Joshua Topolsky (The Verge founder / ex-staff): @joshuatopolsky

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testing takahe and bookwyrm

Hello world! OK, will start apps soon.

Shortlist of things to test for each app I have:

- Login ( and fail on my own instance, but need to reproduce here)
- Post text, mentions, tags, images of various kinds
- Edit posts
- Profile, search
- What happens to lists (I expect some clients to fail spectacularly)

Edited 1y ago

test post from Tusker

1.2.0 is out! 🎉

It add support for hashtag following and post editing. And some other fixes too!

Huge thanks to @rpetti for his contribution to this release!

my second ever AI 3d mesh!

emojo post Emoji takahe using the emojo picker in pinafore!