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TAKAHASHI Shuuji🌈✨ - testing Emoji takahe testing account! Emoji takahe

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Still, nothing is wrong from Takahē's point of view.

OK, it's working well. Both can follow, send posts, show custom emoji, and attach images without issues.

The only small problem is that Misskey is somehow failing to confirm the response of the following action from the Takahē server so it shows the pseudo (?) follow "processing..." button forever.

But actually, it has already followed me and can receive new replies from me normally. So I'm not sure which part is failing yet.

Edited 46d ago

Experimenting to follow Misskey users now.

This is Open Graph test:

Takahē - return to the wild -

Edited 124d ago

We've brought forward the 0.8 release (ahead of some of the bigger features landing) to get a security fix out - so it's now available:

We recommend upgrading as soon as possible if you're running 0.7 or below!

I filed an @elk bug about compatibility with @takahe and then @shuuji3 saw my bug and figured out what was causing it and explained in a new issue on the tahahē repo and @andrew then had to rewrite the entire HTML parser! Opens source is pretty amazing sometimes.

Takahē 0.7 is now released! Blocking! Emoji admin! Announcements! Loads of quality of life fixes! Read more at

We've also launched a Patreon for those who want to help us out financially - that's over at

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Test of single portrait image.

Edited 259d ago

Test of one image post! 📚 +edit

Edited 259d ago

Test post with 4 images 🖼

Hello, Takahē! Emoji takahe 🌌