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@arthur sounds like an awesome idea to have a eink monitor but permanently attaching it to a monitor seems like a dumb move. I’d buy one that clips to my existing monitor but not being able to choose what monitor it’s paired with seems like a misstep

Caved, committed everything and checked out somewhere I could access with a GUI

I'm so used to GUI tools now... Trying to rebase and resolve merge conflicts from the CLI and feeling extremely rusty.

@liaizon *sigh* so bad. Scrolled back through your replies and I see what you mean. Telling someone to “Just” install a different OS or setup containers / VMs isn’t a useful answer to your question/ comment.

@drew reducing code is the best. Once got a 1500 line file down to 500 and way more testable / understandable.

But I get the feeling this is on a different level…

@arthur yes, I feel like this is why so many people in tech quit and start farming / carpentry / some other discipline that requires no technology

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Couldn’t resist making my profile picture one of my own photos of a Takahē 😅 Emoji takahe

Hello Takahē