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Occasional DjangoCon organizer, soccer and football fan, home cook and brewer, hobbyist cyclist, peak dad, general nerd. He/him

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It was a beautiful morning for a hike today.

PSA to those of you who may be flying to @djangocon: there's a 2.5 hour Amtrak ride from Charlotte (American Airlines hub) to Durham that runs 5x/day.

This is delightfully Quebeçois

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With the tech layoffs hitting Australia, it's a good time to think about joining the union:

They are very interested in the current situation around layoffs and ensuring that employers meet their legal obligations, but they rely on ordinary members for intel on what's actually happening.

It's time for DCUS23!

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✨📣✨ Mark your calendars! DjangoCon US is coming to Durham, NC, on October 15-20, 2023.

Today's factle has me questioning my life's choices
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There is one wolf inside you.

Please contact Sales if you need to add additional wolves to your service plan.

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We hit our signup cap of 150 users so we've bumped it up to 200, and signups are open again!

Well this is a fun day

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This is your 15-year warning to get ready for the Y2K38 bug:

Hoping my friends at Google dodged today's layoffs (alongside this week at Amazon/Microsoft/etc)

Important news:

The US Army Corps of Engineers releases a cat calendar

Bernie sleeps in the strangest positions

@admin what's the preferred means of sending app-related feedback? I tried uploading a profile pic via and it failed with a generic "upload failed"

Hello world?