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Another split personality of ArtilectZed.

Kicking the tires on Takahe to see what it offers. I'll be posting on my main instance for the time being, but I really dig what I'm seeing here!

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I'm going to do everything in my power to make this one of those weekly memes.

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I really dig that Takahe has ditched having it's own front end for posting/etc. Let other apps handle that!

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WhaleBird works with Takahe. Excellent!

I tried to get Stable Diffusion 2.1 to make me a takahē, yesterday. This one looks like the result of a takahē breeding with a crow, I think.

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I apparently like taking pictures of waterfalls. Various shots (9 of them) of different waterfalls over the years, with different cameras.
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I haven't posted any tardigrades for a while. Made with starryai.

If you're only seeing 4 pictures, made sure to view the original post!

Argo 2/Stable Diffusion 2.x
Prompt: a close up of a beetle on a plate, by Aleksander Gierymski, fantasy art, jeweled technology, egyptian, turtle, dnd card art, mobile wallpaper, by joseph binder, scarlet emerald, vivid steampunk concept, ancient space ship, jewel, opal, red - eyed, andrey gordeev, buggy

I'm *really* digging Takahe. I look forward to running my own private instance of it when 1.0 lands! :D

Enjoying season 2 of Chucky. And trying a post from .

Oh, Hello,!