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Another split personality of ArtilectZed.

Kicking the tires on Takahe to see what it offers. I'll be posting on my main instance for the time being, but I really dig what I'm seeing here!

@wheeljack @fvcktlvsn It seems my recent cold sensitivity just isn't happy, and is hard to plan around. Last week, I was sitting here in thermals, sweats and 3 layers of shirts, and had my feet on a warming pad, and still shivering while the house was 70f. Stupid body over-reaction to temps :/ When I went out for a walk on Sat in sunny 60f weather, I was actually wearing the long johns during it, and didn't start feeling slightly warm until I got home, and threw the shorts on.

@fvcktlvsn I was able to wear shorts instead of shivering at home in two layers of clothing. Wonderous joy!

@fvcktlvsn I'm looking forward to warmer weather. The day of 60f sunshine we had here on Saturday was wonderful. Tired of this cold BS.

@fvcktlvsn Having to change clocks twice a year certainly feels like something JarJar would do.

@jessica *hug* glad you made it through that.

@jessica *very* glad to hear it! I hadn't seen a post from you for a few days on my main time line. I don't care for the fact that I have to use a secondary account to keep up with people on the 'verse, but so be it!

@jessica 👋👋 How goes it?

@atomicpoet Here's Takahe -
A nice feature: You can have multiple identities under a single log in. You can also have multiple domains pointed at the same instance, but I don't personally have any screenshots of that.

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@wheeljack It's actually been a color a few times. Different flavors associated with it.

@jessica Motivation sucks. I haven't found any today, either.

veiled statements
veiled statements

WhaleBird works with Takahe. Excellent!

I tried to get Stable Diffusion 2.1 to make me a takahē, yesterday. This one looks like the result of a takahē breeding with a crow, I think.

@arthur 🤷 If I wasn't so lazy, I could probably go put an issue in on the GitHub. Maybe later.

@artilectzed Test reply. Also, woo, Takahe brings in all images attached to a post, not limited to the first 4!

I guess GIF's aren't working just yet, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. 🤣

Testing image uploads.

I'm *really* digging Takahe. I look forward to running my own private instance of it when 1.0 lands! :D

Enjoying season 2 of Chucky. And trying a post from .

Oh, Hello,!