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Interesting new direction for the Takahe project. I'm excited about this.

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I found a cat bus in @GStreamer ! Emoji blobcatreading

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New forms of oppression coming 🧠
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TBH, this seems worse than having the road blocked by climate activists for a few minutes.

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Sometimes I forget just how much goodness Rust stuffs into its syntax and semantics in such a tight and well-integrated package:

Testing post federation! 🦀

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A few days ago I had to deflate some compressed content using Rust. I quickly found the flate2 crate, it is well maintained and has…

Continue readingDecompress content using Rust and flate2 without headaches

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Biggest shoutouts to @csmajor98, @jeromedanthinne, @xurble, @divadretlaw and all other contributors who are providing a tremendous amount of help and improvements to @icecubesapp. Sorry I can’t mention everyone but we also have countless other contributors who maintain all the localizations at every of my small changes!

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The Financial Times is shutting down their Mastodon instance (

Their reason? Security, liability, and cost.

With all due respect, I believe they went about their instance the wrong way:

1. Keep your instance moderated, you're less likely liable
2. Keep your instance closed to registrations, you're more secure
2. Keep your instance light, it's inexpensive

Also: Financial Times' site runs in WordPress. Why not use WordPress as an instance?

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Updates about -- the Fediverse streaming audio / video service that I'm building with @reiver (and a team)!

1. We have successfully broadcast to 20 people distributed across North America. Some folks on the Fediverse were there to witness it!

2. We have wireframed a registration process for joining a instance

3. We have also wireframed a home feed and post UI/UX

4. We've developed an additional skin for video conferencing

/ Thread🧵

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Boom 💥

@admin Testing Takahe with Tusker. Works nicely! 🥳

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It's worth looking at the client-to-server aspect of ActivityPub.

Yes, it's not popular right now.

However, it's a W3C-backed standard that is documented.

I’ve lost the count of how many Mastodon native apps I have tried so far. Emoji takahe 🤣

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We hit our signup cap of 150 users so we've bumped it up to 200, and signups are open again!


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Dear of , you have a wonderful opportunity that is rarely granted to you. For the first time, you're in an online public space that is not American, that is not centered around the US, and as I'm typing this, a place where the majority of users are not Americans. You can open yourselves to the world as you've rarely been able to before.

So please, stop expressing yourselves like the US is the default country here and that most users are Americans. We're not. Love.

Hello world!1

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Signups on are now open until we hit 100 users! If you'd like an account, head to