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Zapped my tl here mostly because I want to start following more people from this account and didn’t want to just be a bunch of me talking to myself if people look 😅

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We hit our signup cap of 150 users so we've bumped it up to 200, and signups are open again!

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I'm in the market for a dashboard for all of my assorted self-hosted home lab applications - mainly it should list all of the services in a visually appealing way and link to them. Optionally, it might also do some availability checking or stats display.

I don't want you to run to ask your favorite search engine - I could do that. I've been to the "Awesome {foo}" repos.

I want to know about the one(s) *you personally* really like.

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We are going to post access to our alpha tonight and then again tomorrow morning, our time (CST UTC-6), so it’s fair for people around the world.

Vote for tonight’s time and the winner will be when we post a new TestFlight link. Remember, these are UTC-6 times.

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