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Sussex, UK. Web engineer. Python, Django, etc. Dynamic language and boutique fuzz pedal enthusiast. Born at 342ppm. Dabbling in energy-oriented home automation, personal decarbonisation and no-dig gardening 🌿

Idle thought: maybe DRF Serializers should have been called "Normalizers" 🤔

I asked ChatGPT-4 to write a haiku about solar panels:

Sun's rays from above,
Silent power on rooftops,
Green energy thrives.

This is the lowest I’ve seen it by a long way (since I’ve been paying attention)

£20bn funding to “cut carbon emissions” says the headline. But it seems like a lot of this will be going to carbon capture projects.. which are just fossil fuel industry subsidies. Just don’t emit the carbon in the first place! Spend it on lots more wind, solar, battery storage, heating decarbonisation and

Veg bed prep

@ghickman I asked a few people including a couple of electricians. Everyone said the Zappi is best. Particularly if you have solar panels (which I don’t but hopefully will soonish).

Today is the day. No more diesel!

Today I picked up a thousand litres of organic peat-free compost and now I’m reading up on ideal seed sowing dates. After dabbling with lettuce, courgettes and a few tomato plants last year, this year I’m going to give it a proper go.

My ISP is on the Fediverse

@ulope glad someone got the reference! I was an avid user before I figured out that all I needed was Notepad

@carlton interesting... I can see the similarities! I always liked the look of Elm but I've never tried it. No need for a fan club here, particularly compared to the contributions you make to Django and the universe in general.

@webology huh, I’d found a few libraries like that but didn’t realise @adamchainz made one!

One nice thing about manipulating tuples directly (rather than wrapping tags in functions and using kwargs for attrs) is that you don’t have to worry about that kinda janky class_ thing 😆 just do {“class”: “whatever”}

A few weeks ago I open sourced a tiny library I’ve been noodling on for a while:

It’s for generating HTML from basic Python data structures. It’s a bit weird and most people will probably hate it (which is fine). But I’ve now built a moderately complicated web app with it and I’m never going back to string-based templates!

Oh, and it runs quite happily under MicroPython on a ~£4 microcontroller, which is fun.

Edited 46d ago

Such a good post. Embrace dynamic behaviour.

Aside: the new spec-to-serializer stuff I just added to django-readers is all about dynamic creation of serializer classes

Fairly impressed with (from the makers of htmx and _hyperscript). If, like me, you enjoy somewhat dull-looking websites and hate CSS, it might just be for you.

@carlton 👋🏻

@neil 👋🏻

A little late to the fediverse party perhaps, but here I am.