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Checking to see what mentioning a bookwyrm user @KelsonReads from Takahe does without following

Idle thought: maybe DRF Serializers should have been called "Normalizers"


Hmm, Takahe and Akkoma think they're following each other, but I don't see any of my Akkoma posts here.

I asked ChatGPT-4 to write a haiku about solar panels:

Sun's rays from above,
Silent power on rooftops,
Green energy thrives.

I created a recursive kafka message and I am most pleased with myself.

This is the lowest Ive seen it by a long way (since Ive been paying attention)

瞿20bn funding to cut carbon emissions says the headline. But it seems like a lot of this will be going to carbon capture projects.. which are just fossil fuel industry subsidies. Just dont emit the carbon in the first place! Spend it on lots more wind, solar, battery storage, heating decarbonisation and

hello testing @test

It looks like Takahe can follow Pixelfed, but replies/mentions don't make it back.

Let's make sure the new Public AS tagging works.

After nearly 3 years and almost 5900 miles, my road bike (2011 specialized tarmac SL2) has decided it's done. It was my first "real" bike and has taken me farther than I ever thought I could go on two wheels. Naturally both my gravel bike (derailleur hanger) and mountain bike (weird hitch in the pedaling) are also having problems. Ugh I hate everything.

If anyone has leads in a 56-58 cm road bike, let me know.

I'm making pita bread! Waiting for it to rise right now.

Veg bed prep

running into an issue boosting and favoriting from @MonaApp while logged in to a account. Not high priority since the first version against core Mastodon hasn't been finished, but FYI!

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Trying out with @MonaApp

I started reading s last night and already found a great quote I had to read a few times to better understand:

If the foreman had no experience in bossing a mob, they had no experience in being one. Members of a community, not elements of a collectivity, they were not moved by mass feeling; there were as many emotions there as there were people. And they did not expect commands to be arbitrary, so the had no practice in disobeying them.


Well, this is sub-optimal.

Today is the day. No more diesel!

Mr. Wolf 2.2 (AmigaOS4) - Small SNTP time synchronisation commodity

Edited 28d ago

I love Marianne Williamson but in order to support her politically I needed to know that she would continue Biden's strong stance against Putin's war on Ukraine and not fall for the false pacifism that sees no difference between attacker and defender. Thankfully her moral compass remains her greatest strength: I just gave $25 to her exploratory committee and I'll probably give more.

ok - cooles feature

Here's a fun thing:


Click the mouse to pan, use A and Z to zoom in and out