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I break things for a living!

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@Canecittadino I put it on as background noise, ended up getting caught up in it.

@danvpeterson fair enough, certainly a problematic artist.

@jason I did not, went into it with super low expectations.

I thought this was your standard Geezer Teaser and it’s definitely not that. I can't say I enjoyed it, but it was certainly an interesting experience.

@yury_mol LOLs!

@david believe it or not, but I actually have some level of trust that Facebook will keep that information private/secure.

I'm confused this article talks about how you'll be able to show/hide the blue checkmark, but totally ignores the “government ID" requirement? Is that not the far bigger story?

Also how gullible do you have to be to actually pay $ just so your ID can be included in the, sure to be coming soon, data breach?

@be3n working, only one of the GPUs seems to be active but that's NBD since nothing used two anyways.

@halfpress wait they don't have huge piles of them sitting in some closet somewhere?

@bojordan ABS looks nicer, PBT feels better. I really wish they had more PBT options and some options that weren't $130. The 2048 is nice and I'll get another set if they ever go on sale.

@be3n @Kubernates well I guess I'll find out in a bit. Do you have to re-do the Build Installer, etc... stuff on every update? Or does it patch the auto-update stuff too?

@nextleveltye because why not?

@be3n @Kubernates I'm so confused, if it works why do they have that listed as not working?

@be3n @Kubernates I don't think that actually supports the Pro, at least it doesn't support the GPU so not sure how its “supported" if that doesn't work.

@amro @stammy old school flat keys. I think my fingers still hurt from using that.

@film_girl <= 10 core speed goes down to 1066, 12 core it goes down to 800.

@film_girl is there a way to do X with video? The answer will always involve ffmpeg and some magic option.

@stammy super low profile keyboard with worlds tallest knob. 🤷‍♂️

@caseynewton the real crime is not having a headline of “Did Do do fraud?”

Deal Alert: 2TB Intel 670p NVMe for $80 on Amazon. QLC but has DRAM.

Edited 1d ago

@numist DDR3 in a world that has move to DDR5.

@film_girl not heat, at least I don't think its an issue RAM wise. I was talking about how the RAM speed drops off a cliff at 128GB.

The Samsung M393B4G70BM0-YH9 module works on the Mac Pro 2013, well once you remove the heatsinks. They are available on eBay for < $20 a pop. If you want to get 128GB, and understand the downside, not a bad price.