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Techdirt guy. I once wrote a paper about "Protocols, not Platforms" that seems to be slightly relevant.

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@kentpitman @rcpierce Cool. Good talk.

@kentpitman @rcpierce the road to hell regarding suppressing speech is "a reasonable balance is easily had by reasonable people."

I recommend reading this book that highlights how basically everyone who has ever said something along those lines is proven wrong as the "reasonable" rules they put in place are abused to silence the powerless and marginalized.

DIYoutube day: YouTube has convinced me that I truly can fix a broken sink faucet. Here we go...

@rcpierce @kentpitman there have been many attempts to get the courts to expand the definitions here, either by legislature or by prosecutions and the supreme court has consistently struck them down. and for good reason. imagine how a future trump or desantis administration would view such a change, and the prosecutions that would occur of BLM protestors, who they still falsely believe were a "violent mob." Free speech protections are important.

@nlarson830 high praise!

@jank0 coin flip!

@magdalen i am also a writer, and I think that's all fundamentally incorrect. They are acting like a library. They do not, at all, act like you claim.

@gulovsen haha, yes, I remember that article well. Jason was always pretty visionary.

@LaureM it's there for me

Brewster's statement:

@jzb if you dig into the legal details, they had a decent chance. but it requires the judges to recognize what the law actually says and how it's been interpreted. And in copyright-land, that rarely happens.

@rklau @caseynewton @therealfitz have you asked it for names yet?

@fraying @film_girl i mean, Wired ran a massive cover story that made this exact claim multiple times... in 2018.

@dltj yes, it can be appealed and almost certainly will be.

Reading this and I'd say that the court more or less puts the final nail in the coffin for the super important Sony ruling (on the legality of VCR devices). It's been whittled away by other cases, but what's left of Sony at this point that wouldn't now be struck down?

@film_girl @fraying last month i gave a talk in a law school class, where the prof first split the class up into two groups, one had to defend 230 and the other had to explain why it was bad. Both groups gave talks on why it was bad. The "defense" was "it was good at first, but now it's not."

The talk I gave to them very quickly changed...

Welp, the publishers are one step closer to killing libraries (and the internet archive). Judge took just a few days to do serious damage to fair use. This was going to get appealed no matter what, but now it's an appeal that's started off on the wrong foot....

The 2nd Circuit is usually very good on fair use... and hopefully they remember that.

@SarahOestreich oh yeah, i've talked about that stupid tweet many times on Techdirt, and how wrong it is.

It's been a while since I did a post, so here we go. "True & Big Love" by Two Tone Club, which, despite the band's name, does not really sound like a "Two Tone" style song. However, it is one of those songs where the piano hook just gets me every time it pops up in my playlist...

Much free, very speech from the "free speech absolutist" who has now rolled back Twitter's policy of fighting Indian demands to silence journalists and critics of the Modi government:

I wrote about how Jim Jordan's "Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government" which, we were told, was to be used to investigate how the government suppresses speech is now... being weaponized by Jim Jordan to suppress speech.

Article also highlights some more Matt Taibbi journalistic blunders.

Hey we have @yoyoel with a new guest post on Techdirt about one of the possible consequences of walling off a US-only TikTok: it might actually be *worse* for national security, not better.

This is what happens when the people making the rules don't understand tradeoffs.

@murph @frameworkcomputer I'm not framework, but if it's not starting (a problem I had at one point) they recommended removing the CMOS battery (very, very carefully as the case is fragile), leaving it out for 15 minutes then replacing it. That fixed things for me that time.

@murph huh. to date @frameworkcomputer has been extremely helpful and responsive in working through any issues.

All that time spent looking for Amelia Earhart, and turns out she was just working away as a blog spammer...