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meat popsicle

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@tolmasky beat you to it

also I have my eye on — *really* good for doing everything in-house (afaict)

@dimillian @icecubesapp stuck in some kind of async infinite loop in the login flow (fresh install on iPad). Login modal asking for instance url won’t stay on screen for more than a few seconds.

a decade of people blabbering "twitter is dead seriously 4real im quitting" has probably made me immune to the talk... but the og twitter community on mastodon might have me convinced that the broken clock might be right this time?

(also the fact that the protocol is classic oss crunky duct tape probably means it's inevitable that this is what the world is going to foist on generations of programmers)

anyone already working on a super lean js mastodon-talking activitypub/webfinger/etc implementation that you could spin up in a cloudflare worker or eqv so I could just run this thing on a domain I control without a big ball of bloatware?