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Python, engineering best practices, D&D chat, all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Hash tag farm lyfe. Working on OpenSAFELY at the Bennett Institute.

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@bitprophet and a TPHPLIP to you too sir!

@offby1 @bitprophet I’m always surprised more folks don’t have opinions on something they look at all day. (You? Opinionated?! 😁)

@jacob @offby1 @bitprophet that’s the plan! 🤞

@bitprophet nice font though

@hynek popcorn sales go brrr etc

@nickmcg gotcha, that’s useful, thanks 👍

@nickmcg @johnmclear @edward what are you using for repeaters?

@pete nooooooope.

@mpirnat @offby1 @bitprophet do y’all want me to bring some Wether’s Originals to PyCon?

@bitprophet right?! I’m mid-dive rn, and I’ve found a brand that works but I’m literally only sticking with it because it’s popular so I’m hopeful others will have fixed problems I run into already🤞

@bitprophet @hynek @glyph pandemics over Jeff, didn’t you hear? It’s the economy’s turn now

@judy2k @offby1 @hynek Edinburgh it is! Who needs what drinks thrown at Mark?

@jamie that’s really useful, thanks!

@offby1 I feel like I’ve returned to a small gathering of old friends here. It’s lovely!

@jamie congrats! We’re just looking at doing the same. How did you pick your band of charger?

@bitprophet FWIW I’ve been on 1P8 for a few months and am amazed at how good it is. I have a couple of frustrations but otherwise it feels like a major jump in functionality to me!

@offby1 yep 👍

@bitprophet every type system and it’s docs does this, it’s maddening. Where are you supposed to start?!

@emily oh wow, go chickens!

Which card are you using for those line graphs? They look great.

@glasnt ooh, very useful, thank you!