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Profile image for Garrett Zumini Garrett Zumini

Husband and father. I’m here for the dad jokes.

Grew up on Star Wars, Apple products, video games, and mountain biking. Never really grew out of those things.

Words to live by - "There is no right time. Just time, and what you do with it".

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@caseyliss I’ve heard of that company. Some podcast I listen to talks about them. 😉

@paul this has popped up in recommendations for me and I must say I’m a bit intrigued.

@mark They are both great, but I like the 3D one better as well.

@Ronnie @gedeonm So it’ll make sense? I won’t be missing anything important? I guess could just read a summary of the first two seasons.

@gedeonm I haven’t watched any of it. Should I just start at season 3.

@caseynewton @paul That is top shelf dad joke material right there.

@jamesthomson @christianselig I guess it thinks you are a reincarnated poet or something.

@caseyliss @lexfri @dmoren Casey…aren’t you recording a podcast at this very moment? Stop answering these toots!

@chockenberry Follow up question - are you currently or were you planning on advertising on Twitter?

@gedeonm so…everything all at once?

@gedeonm I like it better than the red badge. FWIW.

@mark There are just lovely. Loads of personality, which is too often missing from icons and apps.

@caseyliss oh I don’t mind a glass desktop. But I do think it’s funny how everyone piles on about it. You do you man. I’m totally happy for you to love your glass desktop. 👊

@caseyliss Could this mean…no more glass top desk?!?!

@Gte I think @jamesthomson was behind the pricing…$42K…that is a very suspicious number.

@tvaziri @bigzaphod Well fwiw I would love True Lies and The Abyss to be available remastered in 4K. So if I need to commit to a preorder or something to get it done…count me in.

@bigzaphod @Ronnie They will not be disappointed. In fact, I’m going to watch it again this week. Haven’t watched it in a while.

@Ronnie @bigzaphod Yes I think I would agree with that.

@caseyliss We had a laser disc player and a 5.1 surround system and a copy of top gun on laser disc as well Interestingly enough it was also a favorite trick of my dad to play that for guests so they could hear the planes flying by.

@siracusa Yeah. That’s a tough one.

@siracusa do you have a diagram or picture of your room? I was really curious after a recent ATP when you talked about the odd shape.

@caseyliss Hahaha this is amazing and so accurate!

@marcoarment “It just works”

@marcoarment @caseyliss @squash86 @siracusa I feel like this just perfectly describes the American food industry.

@atpfm @caseyliss I look forward to this, but as discussed a few episodes back, your medical plans aren’t that great. There is no need to risk gut damage and a hospital visit just to entertain us.