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andrei took this intriguing polaroid of me observing a semicircle when we were having some friends over to play with light and shadows in the basement. i think i am going to try to make a drawing based on it later

…aaaand I broke it ;)

Custom CSS does not work when using quotes, e.g. in `font-family: "Foo Bar"`. Django escapes too aggressively.

2012 post on says: “Use |striptags|safe”

Current docs say: “Warning: Never use |striptags|safe — use bleach.clean()”

Bleach docs: “clean() is not safe to use in CSS context.”

🐇 rabbit hole

(Just not using quotes in CSS works ;)

Edited 135d ago

the default avatar is *almost* to nice to replace it. — actually, i just can’t find yet another profile pic right now. hey 👋