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Takahe test account

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All hail our new king!

@admin The list of users boosting or favouriting a post doesn't work on - just shows "an error occurred"

@admin doesn't quite seem to be working here. I finished reading and wrote a review. I can see the "finished reading" post but not the review. It federated to my Mastodon account correctly. @bookwyrm

That last boost doesn't appear to have federated - can't see it on my Mastodon account which follows this one.

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I'm in looking for a handful of people to test out a pre-alpha app. Please DM me if you are active at giving feedback and not afraid of partially completed apps.

The app will be open sourced in the future.

Here are some teaser screenshots.

@admin I thought this was a Tusky bug, but looks like it happens on the web interface too - my favourite notifications aren't telling me who favourited the post.

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If I post "local only" does that mean nobody outside this server will see it?

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