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Takahe test account

@xyzzy @chris tell ups guy his hat looks nice

@xyzzy @chris compliment ups guy on his cool hat

@xyzzy Put hat on hatrack

@xyzzy take hat

@admin Correct link:
I posted that originally using but it appeared to have lost the end of it?

@admin doesn't quite seem to be working here. I finished reading and wrote a review. I can see the "finished reading" post but not the review. It federated to my Mastodon account correctly. @bookwyrm

@admin @chris I know there's a setting for ignore duplicate boosts, but I'd expect it to still show up in the user's list of posts, even if it gets filtered out of the home timeline.

@chris @admin See screenshot - boosted post didn't federate

That last boost doesn't appear to have federated - can't see it on my Mastodon account which follows this one.

@chris @admin Ah, I think this is because the account favouriting doesn't have a "real name".

@jph And even chatting to admin, the server might be interested but nobody else will be!

@admin I thought this was a Tusky bug, but looks like it happens on the web interface too - my favourite notifications aren't telling me who favourited the post.

Edited 59d ago

Brief test reveals that that is exactly what it means! I can see that being potentially useful.

If I post "local only" does that mean nobody outside this server will see it?

test from