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Django (& PSF) Fellow. I work mainly on and with the Django web framework. When I’m not doing that it’s parenting, cooking, and philosophy. He/him

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@davidsmith This may mean I'm deploying off of django/main until December πŸ˜…

People say the UK economy isn’t working. I think it is.

If you take a hit to competitiveness (such as Brexit) you have to cut real incomes.

You can either do that with unemployment or inflation. Unemployment hurts more. The UK economy was built around flexibility to avoid that.

So inflation. All going to plan.

@adamchainz I hadn’t read that. Looks good too!

I enjoyed Grid Garden, as I was able to complete it in what otherwise would have been β€œI’m too tired for something new” time.

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@jeremygibson It’s amazing isn’t it 🀩

TIL: My favourite resources for learning CSS Grid.

@erinrachel Thank you for posting! πŸ₯³

Thought for the weekend:

> … we are the heirs of a legacy of creative protest.

Martin Luther King Jr, quoted in

@felixxm The day is young. There's still time! ⏰

@erinrachel Great post! I enjoyed the About You section at the bottom too πŸ™‚

@eevee In my day we just called those "comments" πŸ₯³

But saying that, as I stare yet again at a …

> "widget" is not a known member of "None"

… all I really want is decent type inference in Python.

We can but dream.

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I have various thoughts about all this AI business bubbling away in the background (as no doubt do you).

The mental-thread that makes me smile mosts ends in a childhood memory of my parents telling me that I'd really better learn how to use a slide-rule.

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@drewbrew @freakboy3742 @mahnamahna I think folks will appreciate the odd video of me cooking rice for tea 😜

@drewbrew @freakboy3742 Yes. @mahnamahna pointed me to the same. I may have to embrace the stories. New me. 😜

@sethmlarson yay! This looks super. On the πŸ‘€ list.

That was conclusive. Thanks all πŸ€— Aside: Why does it have β€œStories”?🫠

I’m not sure I need five types of integer.

Need some help. Just vote, no reasons! (I don’t make up the rules πŸ₯³)

Options: (choose one)

@markwalker @adamchainz Mine neither β€” just heard. (I'm quietly relieved β€”Β I can enjoy the whole conference, rather than just whatever remains after my talk 😜)

I've found my Django 4.2 prerelease bug 🐞

Have you found yours?

pip install Django==4.2rc1

@markwalker @djangochat I'll endorse you! 😜

@freakboy3742 @CodenameTim "Get them while they last!"

@CodenameTim @freakboy3742 Just my opinion πŸ˜… You can have them anytime! πŸ₯³

@treyhunner This is the Way

@CodenameTim @freakboy3742

Ah, the good questions πŸ˜…

I have a few Text Expander snippets for the random approaches. That saves agonising over replies. (Not to be underestimated!)

Those who know… well… they know… β€”Β The only pressure you get there is self-imposed, and you have to recognise that.

We have to learn to say, β€œI don’t have the bandwidth for this right now”.

That’s why things like Volunteer Responsibility Amnesty Day are so great.