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nerd, weirdo, person, whatever. i enjoy bad puns and you will see them. i also like going off on random tangents about tech, movies, or other random things of interest. fun activities include having mental health and flight simulation.

you may enjoy my work on mediawiki & wikipedia, or my wacky webassembly codecs. i hope for a world where computers help people instead of hurting them so much.

formerly of and (so it goes)

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@gws usually prevailing winds are from the ocean or from the mountains :)

Atari hardware hacking gibberish
Atari hardware hacking gibberish
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Atari hardware hacking gibberish
Atari hardware hacking gibberish
Atari hardware hacking gibberish

twue cwime

i am once again asking my cat
not to steal wrapped cough drops and use them as toys

@vampiress *a single tear rolls down the cheek of a Soviet soldier saluting in dress uniform upon beholding this camera. minor key patriotic music plays*

Atari dithering gibberish, ec

Hillsboro Airport, 2022. It sits conveniently visible out the right-hand windows of westward departures out of PDX.

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Catalina Airport, 2022

Taken with Pixel 5. I really gotta invest in a better camera cause I KEEP TAKING PICTURES every time I fly and I keep wishing I had a better lens and sensor. :D

Still, the Pixel's 2x lens does better than the camera in my old iPad.

Top Chef s20e3

Los Angeles International Airport, 2017

Looking towards the southeast; Pacific Ocean at right, the Palos Verdes Hills in the hazy distance.

Not bad for an iPad camera shooting out the window of an airliner. ;)

ok Renfield looks insane and I'm all in

Top Chef s20e3
Top Chef s20e3
Top Chef s20e3
Dinner, FRY-day haha
Atari dithering gibberish

@wednesday "ah i see you too enjoy having multiple heterogeneous devices. welcome to hell!"

Been playing some 2-player team Civilization 6 on Xbox with a friend.

The console interface is actually not half bad, though occasionally I get a little lost visually in places like the city production list.

I actually kind of *like* scrolling the world map with the right stick vs mouse, though. :D

I've played a little Civ 6 previously on PC and iPad, but not enough to fully grok the new districts system and all the new trees etc. So we'll see how I do. ;)

happy wifi, happy wife - aye!