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Software dev who primarily codes in and . I have a bunch of OSS projects at

Too many projects, too little time:

I sporadically blog in way too many locations around the web.

Always .

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`TrigramSimilarity` in is pretty rad, but I wonder if enough people know about it? has a lot of other random solutions which seem a lot more complicated (unless you aren't using , I suppose). gives a short example, but I maybe a longer article would be useful?

@shaib I ❤️ `black`, but I explicitly skip Django migrations when running it for similar reasons.

@carlton Adding support for a bookmarklet was pretty easy, thanks for the suggestion. 😀Let me know if you run into any issues!

@carlton 😂 There is a POST to add, but CSRF locks it down. 😅 I should just finish these API endpoints that are half done…

@carlton Unfortunately not. It’s on my todo list, but I haven’t got around to it, yet. 😞

@adamchainz Fixed by removing the ad because the (literally) $.14/month doesn’t seem worth it.

@adamchainz CSS is hard.

I didn’t realize that images weren’t loading on articles for a while, but it’s now fixed. 😅

Is there a 100 repos badge?!

@webology I’m reading and it refers to, but every framework example I’ve looked at has a HTML string created in JS.

It really feels like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Are there people who like writing HTML in JavaScript? It seems like such a step backward, but it’s pretty ubiquitous… I must be missing something.

Based on feedback from a new GitHub Sponsor, I just added language filtering to

See other potential features I've been thinking about:

Sponsor me on GitHub to influence what I build next:

I’m going to try a thing and see how it goes:

I have a bunch of new features in mind for *fediview*, but I’d rather build something others might find useful. If *fedview* isn’t currently worth $5/month (and it definitely might not be right now) what could be added that would be worth paying for?

@MrMagne @simon I’ve been playing with the ability to load templates from a directory with There is no build step and uses JS template strings + regular HTML.

🎉 I just added a login flow to which hopefully makes it easier to use. No more copy/pasting access tokens manually!

If you have _ever_ signed up for an email account, but are now complaining about choosing a mastodon instance… looks like you can figure this out, just pick one my dude. 😎

I find that about 80% of my time writing documentation is spent looking for the perfect emoji. is a truly delightful Mastodon web client by @elk that has been making the rounds. However, I just found out they also have native desktop apps! They are both extremely clean and full of excellent quality of life improvements. I like it so much, I just added it to my list of tools:

Go to to get bleeding edge releases of Elk Native.

@b0rk I built which kind of does this although it’s extremely simple right now. The algorithm was forked from by as mentioned in a few other replies. MIT code: