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@ramiboutas Nice one. Code smarter not harder!

Just one tip though, I recommend against using __all__, it makes it too easy to add a private field and have it show up in user facing forms without realising it.

@dabeaz I am having a pleasant experience advertising on Read the Docs:

@carlton nice, that's a cute game

I learned my flex and grid from this book, which is also very interactive:

@CodenameTim Ah right. Yeah maybe that could work then.

@CodenameTim hmm, if it would have to render a template to do so, it might not be the potential overhead on every request.

@mariatta personally I do pun hard

✍️ New post on writing robust and performant template context processors

@w sucks too

Helium King versus maths

@adamghill yeah for sure the postgres full text capabilities need more guidance. An article would be nice, a topic guide in the docs even nicer.

@pgcd 👍👍

@pgcd I think it’s worth filing then, at least there could be a documentation clarification

@pgcd I can imagine it would be accepted to combine the annotations, or perhaps to error if the right hand side has some and it’s not possible to combine. Did you search the ticket tracker?

@jamescooke 12 of each lol

@jamescooke ✅ decide to start extra tasks because of course you’ll be able to do them on top of everything else as this energy will last forever

@pgcd You mean like “qs1 | qs2”?

@andy lovely!

@markwalker same… we will just have to get in our lightning talks!

@lastcelebration fixed! thank fedi for the edit button 😅

@selftaughtdev yes it's small but in hot code it's meaningful

For example Django's template engine wraps each variable resolution in a try/except - using suppress there would be undesirable.

wen its another XSS vuln

Edited 4d ago

@marietta lol awesome. I won’t be there though :(

@selftaughtdev FYI suppress has a performance overhead that may not be worth it for hot code

@djvdq Aha!