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A Mastodon app packed with customization features. Optimized for VoiceOver. Optimized for Mac. Native design. Coming soon to App Store on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Public Beta available now!

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@rob I dunno, is asking once per 15 days too frequent? The app only do this if it’s running on a Beta version.

@rasterweb Open the Community tab, select an instance, then choose local or federated timeline using the buttons on the bottom bar.

@bengillam @Retr0mantic @chamona @Ronnie @habibcham @chrisdreiling @maique After setting a theme, you can optionally use Mona’s “Adjust Settings” shortcut to switch appearance back to auto/system mode.

@bengillam @Retr0mantic @chamona @Ronnie @habibcham @chrisdreiling @maique You can get a random theme using “Get Item from List”

Edited 4h ago

@skry Thanks for the suggestions.

@Breznsoiza You need to turn off “Sensitive Content” display.

@steveroy You can check posts you sent on your Profile page.

@somelinguist Hi, I didn’t change it. It’s affected by your desktop wallpaper and colors of background windows.

@thomas Yea just update to the latest version of Mona Beta.

@kev Mona shows an extra indicator only if a post is follower or mentioned people only.

@Minutenmanager Thank you for letting me know. On iPad with Stage Manager, I think I can also trigger a “scroll to top” by tapping the top edge of app window.

@Minutenmanager Hi, you can just single tap the status bar (with time and battery info).

@kristian In the Mona app, you can use either “Load from Remote Server” or “Open in New Window” action to view a post/profile on its own instance (to see all posts/replies/etc.)

@Breznsoiza Oh you mean the icon picture? That’s not customizable. It doesn’t match other tab icons by design, because it serves a different function.

@Breznsoiza That’s customizable on iPad with the latest update. See “sidebar compose button”

Today’s Mona Beta update:
• Adds more Siri Shortcuts, including getting and setting app themes (requires iOS/iPadOS 16, macOS 13)
• Use “Focus Filter” to automatically change app themes when you turn on a Focus mode (requires iOS/iPadOS 16, macOS 13)
• Adds more options for app theme editor
• On Mac, you can now select to open images in your default image viewer app
• Optimizes menus for iOS 12
• Supports block and unblock accounts
• Push notification is now available for Akkoma accounts

@Retr0mantic Notifications are not enabled by default (Settings > Push Notifications)

@podfeet That’s just how Column View works, like the columns in Finder app.

@podfeet Option-Command-[

@jeremydebose Yes, with keyboard shortcuts available on Menu Bar > View menu.

@technocounselor You can change it on the Mastodon website.

@jeremydebose You can command-up to scroll to top, or click the selected tab bar icon.

@comex Works fine here. macOS performance could be degraded if you have a lot of windows opened.