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Techie, software developer, hobbyist photographer, sci-fi/fantasy & comics fan in the Los Angeles area. He/him.

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@thomasfuchs I suspect in the long run LLMs will prove more useful than blockchains, once the hype has died down and people get a better sense of what it's good at and what it isn't. (Assuming society doesn't collapse into a morass of deepfaked propaganda, anyway.)

But it is sad how so much potential is wasted on "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" approaches to computing. Spam, ads, surveillance capitalism,'s all scattershot.

@dtgeek Dammit.

@cjonthehudson I love seeing those too! My favorite was a "pedestrian walkway" I found at a parking structure where there was also a stick figure person...whose head had peeled off!

@alpacaherder @nocontexttrek I was hoping to see the self-aware megamanaiacal computer storage show up!

@metalsamurai @fediversenews
I'd guess the mangling has more to do with Mastodon not trying to render the "Article" type yet than it being from a group. Mastodon has the same problem with reviews from Bookwyrm and blog posts from WriteFreely.

I mean, at least it shows the title and link, which is better than the "this type isn't supported yet" from Takahe, but with the size of its user base, Mastodon *really* needs to get on just treating an Article the same way it treats a long Note!

Edited 23h ago

Not that verification was perfect before, but most of the complaints I heard prior to the enmuskification were "wait, *that* person got verified but *this* person didn't?"...essentially treating it as a status symbol, indicating who's worthy of being verified, rather than one tool in the toolbox to indicate that the account really does belong to who it says it does.

Twitter Blue is what happens when you start treating a tool as a status symbol, so you throw the tools away and start selling gold-plated hammers made out of thin plastic.

@scream Trying to tell myself I don't need this....

@Mimesatwork @sohkamyung Oh yeah! I haven't seen 'Rona in a while!

@Mimesatwork @sohkamyung Oh, it's even better -- according to some articles I read early in this pandemic, the Spanish Flu didn't even start in Spain. They were just the ones who weren't downplaying the numbers to avoid hurting troops' morale, so their numbers *looked* higher. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

@sohkamyung @Mimesatwork Now I'm vaguely curious about the usage stats of COVID-19 -> Covid-19 -> Covid -> covid over the course of the last three years.

@sohkamyung @Mimesatwork Ugh...yeah, I remember some talk back when the ~2010 swine flu outbreak hit and people were starting to think, "yeah, maybe we shouldn't call it the Mexican Flu just because that's where it first showed up." But Trump intentionally weaponizing the xenophobia was disgusting. (Though sadly not surprising.) WHO (or whichever organization it was) made a good call with the "covid" abbreviation.

Time for another episode of Admiral Grouchy vs the Slime Creatures From Outer Space.

@thedextriarchy πŸ˜‚

@thedextriarchy I think their mind would be blown if they knew what Chinese state ideology thinks of the things they call "woke."

Not exactly big on minority rights, racial equality, acceptance of non-traditional gender roles, or awareness of and wanting to dismantle state abuses of power in enforcing conformality.

@Mimesatwork Yeah, that definitely sounds apt. 😬

@janellecshane oh great, my phone is now autosuggesting Nexus every time I type Torment.

It's starting! 😱

@janellecshane The first rule of Torment Nexus is: You do not create the Torment Nexus.

Interesting: apparently Norovirus is the shortened form of Norwalk Virus, which was first identified in an outbreak in Norwalk, Ohio.

So a noro-bot wouldn't be a computer virus, it would be a robot from Norwalk. 😜

Misparsed "norobots" as "noro-bots" instead of "no robots" and briefly wondered what kind of virus they were referring to.

Ah, timeline synchronicity!

Opened up my work laptop after lunch to find 5 messages on Skype. Worried I'd missed something important that should've gone to my phone.

No. They were all from Bing, introducing itself. Emoji eyeroll

@plaguepoems Damn....

TIL that autocorrects the nonexistent .xom and .vom TLDs to .com, which is seriously convenient!