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call me chicken, Hacker/Husband/Father he/him
Bug Bounty Addict, Python is clearly the best programing language.

It's a personality disorder, Nurodiverse mental health advocate.

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@dgar lol

@SwiftOnSecurity Taylor swift is the first ai artist

@RollingStone whatever 🙄

@dgar oooooo, what an amazing time of year

Meow the world is so amazing I think, spring is here dances

@dgar lol, it's pretty isolated from the world's polit

@girlgerms this is hard for me to determine but my therpist was all like "not everyone will like your personality" to some people I'm insanely annoying

@carnage4life I like indeed they are cool to work with

@girlgerms yeah, but maybe with enough friendship magic they will like me

Hello, i am chicken i have been InfoSec community for a while. I like growl metal, and play more than a few types of children's card games(yugioh, magic the gathering). Im married to @Luci_brennacolleen and we have two beautiful daughters. I used to do a lot of CTFs but im retired mostly and focus on vuln research and doing bug bounties.

I am currently working on creating a scalable recon tool using django web frame work, restful api postgres database. I made a python wrapper for nuclei so its out put goes to the api. Also inigrated a few open source tools such as nmap to scan networks. it is heavily multi processed for speed.


@hacks4pancakes lol, iuno what are they infosec or tech peeps? Cause tech peeps are like third cousins removed

@hacks4pancakes ooooooo, fancy booze is cool

@tinker @hacks4pancakes i dont see how yall drink so much booze. lol every time I drink I get sick AF. i could drink moonshine in my 20s but I think it would kill me now lol

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@tinker @hacks4pancakes im olde now, maybe some watered down boose for me

@RikerGoogling safest place really to prevent a code hacker xD

@SocraticEthics I mean like nobody is at war with Taiwan, unless no. Lol

@blackenedgreen just move over a time zone same effect xD

@hacks4pancakes lol, one time I found xss on a shoe place and I could have so many shoes beyond shoes

@georgetakei yeah, its getting ridiculous politicians want that money.

@girlgerms why would i deny learning opprotunities

@Some_Emo_Chick if i was a angry preachy judgy perpetual asshole democrat/socialist would women still date me?

@SwiftOnSecurity i read the first few words, and was like theres so much to read and gave up... like in life sobs xD lol. i hope eugene the stoner father made it out okay.

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@Jessicascott09 my natural predator is the lawyer

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